Happily Ever After: Alluring Gran Finds Her
Fairytale Radiance In Her Tree Of Life

Monday, 28th February 2022 | Miriam Fleming, Editor-in-Chief

Although legends and fairytales paint her as a little girl, the real life Snow White is actually in her golden years – but none would be able to guess!

This is the jaw-droppingly unusual story of Celia Keller and the apple that keeps her as the fairest of them all.

One has to see it to believe it!

An Unusual Tale

The whispers began in a small rural town in northern Switzerland about a great-grandmother who didn’t look a day over 25.

“I’ve grown up with Celia but by the time I started developing lines and crow’s feet, she’s still in her prime with baby smooth skin!”

– Agatha Schmid

“When I was in my youth, Celia was the town beauty.”

“Many men tried to woo and court her.”

“Over 40 years later, some of the young men still try to catch her attention.”

“That’s just how ageless and alluring she is!”

– Julian Gerber

The rumors only seemed to grow after hearing Celia’s explanation:

“All I can say is that an apple a day keeps me frozen in time without needing cosmetic procedures or complex skincare routines.”

– Celia Keller, real life Snow White

The villagers’ fascination with Celia led them to rename their town to Schneeweitenstadt, also known as ‘Snow White Town’ in English.

The Core Of Longevity

And the mystery seemed as though it would remain unsolved, until Celia’s story reached the ears of Dr. Irene Baker, a world renowned board-certified top dermatologist with 30 years of experience.

“As the foremost authority on stem cell technology, I’ve been trying my entire career to find the so-called Fountain of Youth.”

“My work with human stem cells is an attempt to reverse the aging process, but we haven’t been successful so far.”

“My colleagues ridiculed and laughed off my theory that aging can be halted as they say the most we can do is slow down skin decline.”

“But I believe strongly that aging can be stopped!”

– Dr. Irene Baker

She wondered if plant stem cells were the key to unlocking the secret to anti-aging and flew to Switzerland to find out the truth once and for all.

When she landed in Schneeweitenstadt, she was taken aback as only Celia and her family looked ageless and young whereas none of the other villagers had managed to escape the aging process!

A Fruity Surprise

Dr. Irene shared with Celia that she was on the verge of a medical miracle, where a breakthrough could change the lives of millions worldwide. Convinced, Celia finally shared with Dr. Irene her closely-held family tradition.

“My family is the only one who grows Uttwiler Spätlauber apple trees.”

“Although it looks like any other apple tree, a rare phenomenon sets it apart: it never withers or wilts throughout the year even through different seasons!”

“And our most shocking discovery is that the apples are self-healing; cut away a part and it will develop a protective callus over itself.”

“My ancestors wondered if they could replicate its protective properties on our skin.”

“So, they decided to use the apple peels on their faces.”

“The results were so amazing that even the queen at that time grew jealous of their beauty.”

“Ever since, we’ve kept it a family secret, but this is the only thing we use on our faces.”

– Celia Keller

Dr. Irene knew that she had stumbled onto the final puzzle piece.

She asked for a few samples of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apples to conduct her research. After analyzing the apples, this is what Dr. Irene found:

“The answer lies in the amazing longevity of the apple's stem cells, found in the apple peel.”

“The stem cells are power packed with many vitamins and antioxidants.”

“After comparing it with all other known apple species, I found that the Uttwiler Spätlauber contained 90% more vitamins!”

“And it’s the only one with skin renewal properties.”

– Dr. Irene Baker

Luxure™ - Bringing Legend To Life

Dr. Irene decided to increase the efficacy of the apple peels by extracting pure apple stem cells. With this, Luxure™ was created.

“Human stem cells replenish and maintain skin tissue while regenerating damaged tissue.”

“But with age, their numbers and regeneration abilities decrease.”

“Adding in environmental factors such as UV radiation, skin decline results in lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin.”

“The only way to reverse the aging process is to increase stem cells, and this is where Luxure™ comes in.”

“Luxure™'s self-healing properties from the apple stem cells are a revolutionary pioneer in skincare.”

“As it interacts seamlessly with human stem cells, reversing weakened tissue and strengthening damaged skin barrier to smooth out and fill in wrinkles and lines.”

“Luxure™ also boosts the production of new cells by a whopping 80%!”

“Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, E, and C, it also prevents against environmental damage.”

“Reducing the likelihood of skin cancer by up to 75% while nourishing and softening skin for a glowing radiance and protecting against environmental pollution and dehydration for a supple, smooth, hydrated, and line-free face.”

“Luxure™ is all you need in a bottle!”

– Dr. Irene Baker, Creator of Luxure™

Take Years Off Your Face

Celia was the first to try out Luxure™.

“Wow, I can’t believe it!”

“It’s so much more efficient and easier to use as a serum and any small lines left on my face are gone within hours.”

“Luxure™ works so much better than our ancient remedy!”

– Celia Keller

With Luxure™, eternal youth is no longer out of reach.

Launched to rave reviews and with 825,000 bottles sold in two weeks, Luxure™ is the new must-have skincare product!

Wait no longer and reverse time today. Your fairytale happily ever after is in your hands!

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